Thursday, February 26, 2009

i realized that...

This is my reflection for my first microteaching. After I had done with my first microteaching session on the topic Significance of Mitosis, I realized that there are some strengths and weaknesses/problems. During the comment session in the lab, I got some positive and negative comments from the tutor and my friends. Their comments and feedback is really helpful for me to reflect my self in terms of my teaching styles during the microteaching session. My strengths in the microteaching session are I can speak confidently with the students by using the proper English .I have a good and clear voice. The whole class can hear my voice very clearly and students at the back of the class do not have any problem to hear my voice. I also can speak loudly with variations of intonations of voice. During teaching and interact with the students I feel confidence and comfortable with that situation. I also realized that my students were enjoyed my class because I can see their smiling face and sometimes they will laugh. The activities that I had done in the microteaching session were excellent and very interesting. I got positive comments on those activities from the tutor and my friends. It was combinations of great ideas between me and my partner. (Congratulations for both of us!). Besides that, there are some weaknesses and problems in my microteaching session. I realized that I have a problem regarding upon the teachers variations and stimulus. Means that I had not make many movements/walking around the class while I’m teaching or speak in front of the class. There is also a mistake on my second activity (using pictures of human growth development) that confusing some of my students. My mistake is the pictures of human growth development that I had provided to them are not in the same sex. I mixed the pictures with both male and female. It should be in the same sex to avoid students confusing. I also realized that I had a problem in questioning skills. In the microteaching session, I did not asking student the extend questions and I did not provide enough time for them to answer my verbally questions.

For my first microteaching session, I want to improve my questioning skills. In my opinion, I think the reasons why I can’t ask questions properly and effectively is because of lacking knowledge about the questioning skills. The second reason is some students do not really pay their attention when I’m asking that question to them. The third reason is the questions that I asking them are not clear and too difficult for their understanding level, thus the students cannot understand the question and they will not be able to answer my questions.

The disadvantage that may arise due to the above problem is students will ignore the questions that being asked by the teacher. Thus, students will not show any effort to answer or give their response to the questions. This situation will lead to the passive student involvement during the teaching and learning process. Further more, teachers will not able to know their students prior knowledge and teacher also cannot know about the level of their students understanding.

I would like to suggest three possible solutions to overcome the problems regarding the questioning skills. For the first solution, I would like to suggest teachers to prepare question before enter the class. Referring to the Bloom Taxanomy, teacher should begin to question with the simple question (Knowledge level) and then build up to ask more complex question such as question the Analysis or Synthesis level. For the second solution, I would to suggest that teachers asking questions based on their student’s own personal experienced and knowledge. It will be more easily for the students to understand and give answer or response to the questions that they can relate it with their surrounding and daily life. Lastly, I would like to suggest teachers should build in enough ‘wait time’ between asking question and getting a response from students. This will allow students to think and discuss with their group members and come out with the best answer.

One immediate action that I will take to solve my problem is I will design a set of questions before enter the class and I will ask a follow up question. So that my students can expand on or justify their original answer. I will also allow enough ‘wait time’ for my students to response to my questions. Hopefully, I could be more familiar with using questioning skills which suits my teaching style and my student’s needs.

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