Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hi everyone ^_^

Kat sini ade ckit info utk bantu cikgu2 diluar sane berkaitan dgn PBS.. I'm 3-years experienced english teacher yaw~! haha. A big shift from science biology student to english language teacher. And it have been 3 years since 2011. Awesome me!

English Form 1

Evidence B3 DT1 E1
Write a short note on how to make new friends in new school by using the guidelines below.

  • Be friendly – smile and laugh
  • Join clubs or activities at school – meet new friends 
  •  Invite people to do things together – reading books at library
  • Find friend with same interest – easy to get along with 

Benda yg baik lebih elok dikongsi bersama~~
Much love,
Miss Sue